We live social media. 

5/10 Social Media is a full service social media and digital marketing consultancy that can help you create, manage and optimize your brand’s social and online presence.

We know stuff.

Our expertise spans different organizations and industries. Some sectors we have worked in include:

  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • B2B
  • Telecommunications

What’s in a name?

So what does the 5/10 stand for? Quite simply, its Highways 5 and 10 (or Dundas and Hurontario) in Mississauga. But what’s the significance? 5 and 10 is the neighborhood in Mississauga, historically recognized as Cooksville, where our founder was raised. A mixed neighborhood, the area is categorized by different cultures, generations of families, poverty and hardship.

Growing up in this environment instilled in our founder some strong values; the same values on which we’ve built this organization:

Be Creative.

We’re not happy with the status quo. We use creativity to break through and differentiate ourselves from the rest.

Be Positive.

We have no time to dwell on the negative. We don’t fail; we either succeed, grow or learn. We embrace the power of positivity.

Be Humble.

There are no Divas at 5/10. We are one united team, and that includes our clients and partners. We do great things, but we work to continue to improve and that can only be done with self-awareness and humility.

Be Brave.

In the words of Karate Kid’s Kreese “Fear does not exist in this dojo“. We may not be a dojo, but the same principle applies. We encourage being brave, whether it be in trying new things, having the tough conversations or saying “No” when we have to.